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iDo Script Scheduler


OK, so you've you've created some AppleScripts that do cool things like run your backup, download your email and update your stock quotes. But you've got better things to do than sit in front of your computer, running a script whenever you want those cool things to happen.

iDo Script Scheduler lets you take advantage of your Mac's power and put those scripts to work for you, when you're at the movies, on vacation, or even sleeping like a baby.


[iDo SS Screen] iDo Script Scheduler lets you create a schedule to run your scripts at any time you choose. You set up schedules by creating "events," which can run scripts once, or at any repeating interval from minutes to weeks. Each event runs independently of the other events. You can use a different AppleScript in each event, or the same script in several different events. For example, you can run an incremental backup once a week and a full backup once a month.


Not only can you automatically launch your scripts, but each time they run, you can pass a line of parameters to your script. A simple example of this feature would be to play a chime every hour, but play 5 chimes when it's time to go home! More productively, a script that reads a file can be told which filename to look for, letting you use one script for several different files.

And if iDo Script Scheduler isn't automatic enough, it can be controlled via AppleScript. You can suspend and resume events when necessary -- perhaps your stock watcher can't get data on holidays or your ISP will be down for maintenance -- so your scheduling is extra flexible. You can even create events that run scripts to enable or suspend other events!


In addition to time-based scripts, you can execute scripts when a "hot-key" is pressed and when the system is idle. A simple keyboard command lets you initiate any series of actions from the mundane to the complex. Or wait until nobody's using the computer before starting some resource-intensive task.


iDo Script Scheduler consists of a system extension that runs silently in the background, and a convenient control panel to set up your schedule. Simply download the software, run the easy installer, and restart (no restart necessary on OS X!).

iDo Script Scheduler's easy 'trigger-action' control panel, pop-up menus and plain English descriptions make it simple to create an Event for each script you wish to run.


Mac OS 8.6-9.x, or Mac OS X 10.1 10.6. Not compatible with OS X 10.7 or later.

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